Eschenbach and Orient on Mercury–sensible Toxicology

Willis is a remarkable man, scientific to the core, brilliant insights and Jane Orient is one of my favorite physician/editor/writers.

I am privileged to know and admire these authors–here they take the mercury scares and the issues apart for your benefit, and mine.

JS has put up a lot of info on mercury because the enviros like to make it a boogeyman.

IN fact Milloy has done a number of mercury postings over the years, I have done a few.

Understand this, mercury in industrial strength ingestion causes horrific damage to solid organs and the nervous system. However the horrors of Bassra wheat and Minimata fish poisonings have nothing to do with ambient mercury exposures by ingestion or inhalation.

We already have shot down the claims of mercury causing autism.

Dose makes the poison–repeat after me–dose makes the poison. Precautionary principle is the mindset of ignorant anxious immature and intellectually stunted people.

Thanks Willis and Jane–your essay was very informative and cogent.

Wish the EPA and their paid research whores could be trusted to do the same.


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