Michigan v EPA discussed

This writer doesn’t realize how this is a little hiccup, the SCOTUS is a lapdog for the administrative welfare state–these judges believe that they should be a part of an oligarchy–improsing their “expert” preferences, just like the EPA.

Economic Risk Benefit arguments don’t stop the EPA. they just cobble together some crap that incudes 10 million dollars per death–and the deaths they count don’t exist, and no-one calls them on it and the appellate courts give them the famous Chevron deference which means they run rogue with no restraints.

There is a terrible consequence to the Chevron Deference, it nullifies the arbitrary and capricious standards of the Administrative Procedure Act, so the EPA can push any damn thing they want and judges sit on their hands.

That is why, here at JS we welcome any strategies–legislative action to demand integrity, litigation on the Information Quality Act, even local litigation on the requirement that the EPA “coordinate” with local governments.

Anything to stop their insane anti progress green agenda.

Some JS Archives on Chevron deference and EPA run amok.



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