Sex slaves from Nigeria–a terrible tale

We have occasionally reminded people about the ongoing scandal of world wide slavery.

This is a horrific tale is of Nigerian girls, brought to Europe under a “spell” caste by a witch doctor to keep them compliant as sex slaves.

Here’s the story:

A recent report I read on slavery counted about 25 million people in some form of forced servitude, to include the sex slave trade but also just plain abduction of peopele for work slaves–for example the carpet makers of the asian subcontinent.

Here is the archive from JS on slavery.


2 responses to “Sex slaves from Nigeria–a terrible tale

  1. What is equally sickening about this is the complete silence. avoidance of this by our obscenity screaming feminists, our race baiting do gooders and those so obsessed with the abolished slavery of 150 years ago. Why do they give it their tacit approval?

  2. The secret trade deal promoted by the White House originally banned countries in which slavery is practiced. Obama eliminated that provision.

    Slavery only counts if it was done by whites in the USA 150 years ago.
    When it is still being done by Muslim countries today, it is acceptable. If a white American complains about Muslim slavery, the White House will attack him as being a racist, bigotted anti-Muslim.

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