Omigosh, now it’s fireworks

Just in time for the 4th of July, NOAA says there is a big spike in PM2.5.  From the Washington Post, July 4 fireworks spark astonishing spike in air pollution, NOAA study finds

Every July 4, the 14,000-plus dazzling fireworks displays across the nation have a toxic effect on our atmosphere. A new NOAA study shows they temporarily increase particulate pollution by an average of 42 percent.

It’s back to normal in 16 hours.  I wonder if anyone has come up with my pollution exposure if I decided to head up I95 to DC.


4 responses to “Omigosh, now it’s fireworks

  1. Anything patriotic is toxic or racist.

    Fireworks displays are down due to budget cuts and drought.
    NOAA needs to stop being NANNY.

  2. Volcanos are bad too. I chose fireworks.

  3. NOAA can’t even maintain a credible website. If you click on your location, you will get a forecast for some town over 300 miles away and in a totally different latitude & longitude. Why would we trust them on complex issues?

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