More on the SCOTUS put down of EPA

I am not happy because the SCOTUS is still reluctant to question the EPA junk epidemiology and toxicology claims.

They are still ignoring the EPA sponsorship of human exposure research that involves exposures that the EPA says are lethal, toxic and cause cancer.

What can you say when a Federal agency promoted unethical and illegal research?

The problem is that the SCOTUS is reluctant to stop the legislative activities of the EPA based on science the clearly violates the arbitrary and capricious standard of the Administrative Procedure act.

On top of that we have a poor informed and prepared representation of states and business and industry who could articulate a cogent challenge to junk epidemiology and toxicology because they just hated science–that’s why they became lawyers and judges.

However, at least the EPA gets slapped around a little on its overreach and misconduct regarding air pollution claims.


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