Intermittent grid storage

An excellent review. It shows why the most practical variable renewable electricity backup is a fossil fuel spinning reserve and why the real costs of solar and wind will be a lot higher than advertised.

Climate Etc.

by Rud Istvan

From the utility grid perspective, a fundamental problem with wind and solar is intermittency.

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2 responses to “Intermittent grid storage

  1. I would like to see a real test done on our “sustainable” energy. To be truly sustainable, there needs to be a proof-of-concept that solar cells, off-grid, can power a factory that produces solar cells. Set-up of the factory can be done using the grid, production and movement of raw materials can be done using the evil petroleum products. However, once all the machinery to produce solar cells is in place, the grid gets removed, and the factory is then totally powered by however many solar cells are required. Give them enough raw materials for two years worth of “normal” production, and then see how many solar cells are successfully produced at the end of two years. That would be well worth the taxpayers’ money to try.

    I’d bet good money on the outcome of this trial being a total failure. Which is why it will never be done.

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