Homeopathy gets a new monniker

I like to use things that work–I’m funny that way–so if a drug is alleged to be effective and then proven–I use it.

I then observe the beneficial effects and monitor the outcome adn results–basic empirical stuff.

How can homeopathy claim to produce magical effects–well placebo effects are real, and confirmation bias is real too. Voodoo is real too.



3 responses to “Homeopathy gets a new monniker

  1. Nearest I can tell, when you mix things with water, and dilute, somehow the water molecules have a memory and remain in the state, when the thing in the water was in full strength. This is likened to physicists who claim a certain paired set of subatomic particles will react based on the movement of one, several meters away from the other.

    In my opinion they are both nuts.

  2. Do you remember a product called “Head On”? Some weird substance you were supposed to apply “straight to the forehead” and it was supposed to cure your headache. After all, common sense asks where should one apply a headache cure? I observe that if you couch anything in scientific sounding terms, the unwashed masses will accept it. I get the impression that Heather Boom is unwashed hiding behind a title.

  3. Sheesh, sure doesn’t say much for the University of Toronto’s pharmacy school…..

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