Dr. Schwartz on aspartame opponents–knock out

No cure for chemophobes, even if you win the argument, remember obsessive complusives need soemthing to fear and avoid–the world is a scary place.



One response to “Dr. Schwartz on aspartame opponents–knock out

  1. When my husband was an active diabetic, he tried Splenda. It caused nausea. He tried a number of different products (baked goods, ice cream) made with Splenda, over the space of six months. Became quite nauseous each time. It just doesn’t agree with him.

    However, he had been using Sweet’n Low and Equal for years with few problems. Then we found aspartame was being sold in bulk, so we bought some, figured out the equivalent weight, and pre-dissolved it in water to make it easier to measure out small amounts.

    A funny thing happened. Husband found that he didn’t need to use as much of the bulk aspartame, as he had been using of a combination of Sweet’n Low and Equal, in order to get the same sweetness taste. And a very slight stomach upset, that had been going on for years, went away.

    We started researching what actually goes into Sweet’n Low and Equal, and found that all sorts of fillers and buffers were put in, which aid in measurement and helping the powder dissolve. It would appear that these added ingredients, to the commercial product, may have been causing the very mild stomach upset he had been experiencing.

    So, I guess he and I are chemophobes, in the point-of-view of not completely trusting “inert” added ingredients. However, the chemicals that bother us, might have no effect on other people. I would never advocate that anyone not use a particular product, just because it doesn’t agree with me. I would caution anyone who is trying something for the first time, to be somewhat cautious.

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