Another survey to confirm an opinion

Like the claims of high rates of rape on campus, discrimination, the survey methods to establish this or that sociology theory are not reliable.

Telephone survey methods stink. If I wanna find a problem, I can design a survey to confirm my hypothesis.

Let’s take, for example any epidemic claimed by social scientists–self selection, volunteerism, all buff up the numbers for the crisis.

Simple example–if social service agencies, intent on proving their worth, survey, they always find a problem, a big problem that requires more study and more funding for the people who are intent on dealing with the epidemic.

Child abuse more common now than ever–nope, I repeat, nope–just more reports and more talk from the social services industry. Feminists do the rape survey, and the methods are unreliable.

Claims that start with epidemic deserve to be viewed with skepticism.

This is from the Daily AMA news items. Reads just like the typical filler items on the MSM. Crisis, needs more bureaucrats is always the message. The Public Relations offices of social adn public health bureaucracies are always working 24/7 to promote their importance.

Reuters (6/29, Doyle) reported that a study published online June 29 in JAMA Pediatrics examines data derived from the National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence.

The Huffington Post (6/29, Pearson) reported, “More than one-third of US children experienced some form of physical assault between 2013 and 2014…and the majority of those incidents were at the hands of siblings or peers,” researchers found. The study also revealed that “five percent of children experienced some kind of sexual offense in the past year, while 1.4 percent experienced a full-on sexual assault.” Adolescent girls appeared to be at the “highest risk for sexual assault or abuse.”

HealthDay (6/30, Haelle) reports that “one in 20 kids has been physically abused by a parent or another caregiver in the” past year, investigators reported. Researchers arrived at these conclusions after analyzing “the results of telephone interviews about the experiences of 4,000 children and teens.”


One response to “Another survey to confirm an opinion

  1. According to similar, but tongue in cheek, surveys; people want to delete all references to George Washington; dump the American flag; nuke the Russians; and ban dihydrogen monoxide.

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