Race and ethnicity are real

For any white man who can’t jump or run the sprints, genetics are real.

Some things can’t be denied, behavior is predictable to a great extent, but is mostly due to environmental factors, so profiling is not about genetics, it’s about predicting behaviors.

Then again body habitus, genetically determined physical traits–are subject to a lot of genetic influence as described here.

I would say there is a great deal of exaggeration in the genomics inquiries, but we know things, and genetics is real as the reason why your eyes are blue, not brown.



4 responses to “Race and ethnicity are real

  1. The problem with Relativism is that, when words are permitted to take on individual meanings dependent only on the user, as illustrated by Lewis Carroll in Humpty Dumpty’s statement “When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less,” it becomes impossible to logically establish ANY proposition due to the equivocations – either in the present or yet to come.
    Without the firm establishment of logical propositions, Progress cannot be made, because Progress relies upon what as already been unequivocally established to be its foundation.

    • Well, yes. libcult Relativism is not so much a philosophical prism through which the world may be viewed as it is a tactic of deception. Denying that there is anything “universally true” because real “truth” is at best a subjective proposition is an old tactic, and it is one that is not meant to inform or enlighten, but to deceive. The libcult premise that every personal preference (as well as every instance of “personal understanding”, whatever that may mean) is as valid as every other preference and understanding is easily disprovable to a rational, logical mind. But, for those who are fully invested in the pernicious libcult dogma, any serious questioning of that dogma quickly leads to a very personal and catastrophic loss of faith alongside the inevitable Crisis of Reality vs Dogma, so those potential situations are very carefully avoided. Then there are the great unwashed who only wish to live their lives and be left alone. They are the special targets of the libcult because the libcultists know that they form the bulk of the population and that people like that can rather easily be swayed by public opinion along with a little pious lecturing from Big Media, haughtily informing them what speech is “allowable” and what is not!

      Reality is the libcultists greatest and most implacable enemy, and it always will be. The libcult (and in this case Klimate Kult facet of the libcult) is founded in an endless string of flighty, capricious denials of Reality, denials that sound on the surface like good and noble intentions, but are in fact extremely destructive and vicious assaults on Reality, common sense, reason and Humanity itself. The libcultists then wield their stated “good intentions” like a shield, deflecting and denigrating Reality and painting that Reality (and anyone who honors and seeks to promote it) as hateful, cruel, and unenlightened.

      The libcult will fall on its own sword in time. It always does. But the misery it will inflict in running its inevitable course is legion.

  2. The liberal cult defines people by race and uses racial terms constantly, but only to promote their agendas.
    Every liberal black actor, singer, politician etc. who reaches a certain age or fame is described as a civil rights or humanitarian “activist”, solely on the basis of being black.
    When a white complains about anything done by certain blacks (ie. gangs, blasting ghetto music, calling women bit***es, etc.) the liberals say that whites don’t understand and/or are deliberately attacking black lifestyles. (like such lifestyles are genetic?).
    Liberals who promote abortion of blacks always say if we don’t do this, they will become a criminal or go on welfare (and blame us for not wanting to pay more). If a white conservative says blacks are criminals or on welfare, the attacks would be so vicious as to ruin his/her life.

    We could go on and on with liberal use of racism

  3. Fortunately, there are more races than just black and white. It’s self destructive to be locked into this realm of thinking. Depends on what your measuring. And I think that all men on this planet ( regardless of race) can agree that Tahitian women are the most beautiful

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