Obsessive Compulsive Disordered people need to be afraid

Norm Rogers is a regular contributor to American Thinker and writes insightfully, linked below on OCD and how it impacts public policy and the culture–could we actually be suffering a mass panic attack brought on by scares promulgated by socialist statists? You betcha.

I picked up on a comment from a Brit today, on JS, who gets haughty about JS postings objecting to the warmer scare. He is one of the people who say that humans are destroying the fragile earth, pointing to how thin the atmosphere is–of course his sense of proportion is silly–the earth is a big place, and we are not so important except in our own minds. The earth will be around if we are wiped out–big and full of all kinds of equilibria. The earth is not fragile, it has a long history that dwarfs ours, but for the fearful the states, the big protectors must act now before calamity sets in. Be afraid, very afraid, and act now, so something, rescue the planet and humankind.

The commenter wants the state to act to address his fears, emblematic of the OCD risk averse mentality encouraged by statists, who understand Mencken’s rule of practical politics–scare the public so they will be clamorous to be saved.

I would pick up on Norm Roger’s theme about the OCD attraction to threats and things that need fixin’ by pointing the reader to examples in history–cultures that went haywire on a true believer binge–mass delusions and mass hysterias. That is the reason for the susceptibility of weak and anxious OCD types to movements as Eric Hoffer ‘splains so well in his writings.

Fear and anxiety feed mobs.

Could we include in mass movements with OCD characteristics the Nazis, Fascists, totalitarian statists, political correctness/social correctness tyrannies that accompanied these OCD energized crusader events? Sure we could–and throw in magical threats too-witches, hysterical epidemics, environmentalism, deep ecological ideology, scares of all kinds.

We are in the midst of a surge of socialist ideological power grabbing that holds out statist solutions for the OCD burdened masses.

OCD is a disability born of fear and anxiety that result from ignorance and intellectual immaturity.

The precautionary principle is the handmaiden of the OCD phenomenon–and, as well described by Frank Furedi, a social scientist, and OCD, combined with the risk averse nature of people with OCD are a measure of viciousness, as in a lack of virtues, the most important ones prudence and fortitude for preventing OCD dominated civic and cultural behavior.

Here’s Rogers:


Here’s my discussion of Furedi:


Would it surprise you to know that many supposedly intelligent and well-informed people don’t recognize the precautionary principle as existing, they just live by the tenets of the OCD precautionary principle mindset?


One response to “Obsessive Compulsive Disordered people need to be afraid

  1. The Japanese, in the Shinto tradition, use little pieces of paper (omamori) inscribed with various phrases to provide various forms of luck or protection from demons.
    In America we use ‘laws’ to provide protection from Mencken’s hobgoblins – imaginary beings or spirits that we believe threaten us, and which other people must be compelled to protect us from.

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