The bamster recruits docs and nurses on warming

Well, I will repeat myself–warming, if it occurs, will be beneficial to humans and the biosphere, extending growing seasons, reducing death rates.

Moran discusses a rally for docs and nurses by bamster at the white house–put a white coat patina on the EPA human effects claims.

Rick Moran discusses at American Thinker:

Did you know that death rates are increased in winter by more than 10% and that research shows cold spells kill many more than warm spells, cold spells also causing real premature deaths where hot events picking off the very debilitated, producing what is called a harvesting effect–death rates drop after a severe heat event.

Did you know that in acclimatization reduces death effects of heat events so that the impact of a heat events is more severe at higher latitudes that are not as well prepared with air conditioning and adequate acclimatization?

Did you know, contrary to what Mr. Moran says, that vector borne disease usually attributed to tropical climes are carried by vectors that do quite well in more moderate latitudes–for example Aedes Aegypti (carrier of Dengue and Yellow Fever) and Anopheles–carrier of Malaria, do quite well in moderate climes?

Vector control is an economic thing, more developed in moderate clime countries.

Malaria and Yellow fever were endemic to high latitudes until measures were taken to eliminate them. Finland and Russia had Malaria outbreaks into the 20th century.

Tropical diseases are tropical to a great extent because of infrastructure in tropical countries, for example Dengue is endemic to Mexico but not Texas.

Most important to know, Mr. Moran did not tell you that warming decreases asthma and respiratory diseases but more importantly cardiovascular diseases. That is the main reason for the death toll of winter and cold spells.

Why would it be important to know these things?

Gee, I don’t know, maybe cause it’s called EVIDENCE.

In the JS archive linked below are reference materials that go into great detail on the issues. Warming is good for planet Earth. Carbon dioxide is also good for planet earth. Research shows that death and disease rates are even increased by cool weather in the mid latitudes, respiratory/cardiovascular/infectious diseases are increased by cooler weather.

An important factor in human health is the diurnal range of temp–increased in cold weather, and associated with increased respiratory, vascular and infectious diseases and deaths.

Political agendas make for junk science claims. bamster is a junk science loudmouth and intimidates the health care professions, who are like all professionals at the government trough–doing what they are told. Science prostitutes everywhere.

The most authoritative current textual discussion of warming biological effects is by Idso, Idso, Carter and Singer, executive summary here:

Thousands of pages of text on climate issues debunking warmer claims including the biological research on warming effects, in a series of books linked here:


One response to “The bamster recruits docs and nurses on warming

  1. “Well, I will repeat myself–warming, if it occurs, will be beneficial to humans and the biosphere, extending growing seasons, reducing death rates.” Exactly the reasons the it is hated by the left.

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