School Teachers come from the lower intelligence ranks

One of our commenters/readers asked if there was evidence that teachers come from the lower intellectual ranks.

There is.

Here’s rankings of SAT Scores catagorized according to intended majors in College.


8 responses to “School Teachers come from the lower intelligence ranks

  1. What surprised me in that referenced article was the contention that the “Health Professions and Allied Clinical Services” category (embracing a whopping 18% of study subjects) should fall into the “below average” half of the rankings.

    Inasmuch as that cadre would – I should think – include all of the kids electing pre-med as their reason for entering undergraduate studies, and EVERYBODY knows that pre-med students are not only pretty frelkin’ smart but “greasy grind” workaholics from childhood, what the heck is dragging the performance results in that category DOWN so much?

    Nursing students?

    I always thought that requiring nurses to get baccalaureate degrees (BSN) was a great stupidity. Most of the best of ’em with whom I’ve worked over the years have been diploma-school graduates, and never had to suffer the grinding stupidities of a Liberal Arts curriculum to satisfy requirements designed to foist the fiction that there’s any benefit to the patient as the result of a nurse being “broadly educated.”

    • ernestncurtis

      My experience is the same as yours. Good nurses are worth their weight in gold and it has nothing to do with book learning or academic degrees. In fact I would say that increasing academic requirements has been detrimental to good nursing care. Those pursuing degrees usually end up in administrative positions and have contributed to the bureaucratization of the profession.

  2. Back in the day when I was in university, the saying was. “If you can not make it in any other department, you can always flunk into education.”

  3. look above and you see another category where premeds are–biosciences.

  4. I know this is absolutely true. I taught at a university for fifteen years, and every year I had education majors tell me that they didn’t really want to become teachers — but the college of education was the only major they could get into with their grades.

  5. I don’t if they do or not, but when the curriculum consists entirely of propaganda that is parroted to the students, education and intelligence is no longer an issue.

  6. I don’t remember exactly when it was but the SAT was “dumbed down” because not enough of some or other group was not scoring as high as others. I think that was a couple of decades ago.

  7. I graduated high school in 64, right about the peak of SAT scores. ACT was also used.

    The revisions of the SAT were in the next decade in response to declining scores I do believe.

    Now format and content have really been dumbed down–abstract thinking questions and some other things, like reading comprehension are reported to be different.

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