At least it’s not I’m a doctor propaganda

Olympic skier Casey Puckett writes in support of the clean power plan because he thought it was warm in Vail in February on one day.  From The Daily Sentinel, Why an Olympic skier supports 
the EPA’s Clean Power plan

Fast forward to 2015. I find myself a spectator cheering on Ted Ligety, Lindsey Vonn, and Mikaela Schiffrin at the World Alpine Championships in Vail,

Colorado. I’m in a T-shirt on a balmy 60-degree day in February and I can’t help but be concerned about climate change and the future of skiing.

So, one day Mr. Puckett experiences 60°F and concludes it must be from power plants.  I suppose it must be from coal and he immediately supports the clean power plant in June.  Although Mr. Puckett’s temperature observation may have been correct, it was not recorded as highest high for February 2015, which was 51°F.  The temperature is not unusual and the highest high in the past 30 years was 55° in 1986 and 1989.

Mr. Puckett and the IPCC predict the end of skiing by 2100 unless we do something and the Clean Power Plan is a start.  Too bad he didn’t look up the temperature decrease from the CPP.

I guess everyone feels the need to get in on the propaganda.


One response to “At least it’s not I’m a doctor propaganda

  1. luisadownunder

    The young, medical graduates over here in Australia are preparing for the outbreak of pestilence and disease, because of “global warming and climate change”, which will, apparently, afflict our nation by 2020.
    As one such graduate gleefully intoned recently, he feels privileged to have been born in this era as the medical profession will be at the coal-face of this “epidemic”.
    I’ve decided. I will personally home-school my grandchildren. No ifs. No buts. The rot was evident with my youngest just a few short years ago; the dogma they were feeding these young minds was beyond belief.
    Intellect will be a scarcity in the not too distant future.

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