Alan Moran: on the Insane & Pointless Cost of Wind Power


wind turbine Screggah-wind-turbine-Padraig-McNulty-3-460x345 While the ‘bang’ might be ‘fun’, it just ain’t worth the bucks …


Green energy generates big costs for little gain
Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review
21 June 2015

Reports of the death of coal are greatly exaggerated. For green power is still very costly and uncompetitive, and likely to remain so despite all the subsidies.

In this newspaper last week Richard Denniss opined that there was a stampede of investment money out of coal (“Abbott blind to coal decline“, AFR, June 15). He excoriated Tony Abbott both for failing to recognise the death of coal and for suggesting that wind farms, their preferred replacement, are a blight on the landscape.

With exquisite timing, Market Forces, an affiliate of Friends of the Earth, then issued a report that, contrary to the Richard Denniss view, lambasted Australian banks for actually lending $6 in fossil fuel projects for every $1…

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One response to “Alan Moran: on the Insane & Pointless Cost of Wind Power

  1. If there are to be subsidies paid for wind and/or solar, then there must be energy being provided by coal and other fossil fuel energy sources, else there will be no money with which to magically pay the subsidies.

    Money that is magically conjured from a magic hole in the air by a government-attached central bank and then is “laundered” by member banks has no natural worth. It is economic production that establishes and sustains any worth of “created” money.

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