Where is wisdom factored in–AMA worried about old physicians

Of course the oligarchs are always worried about the safety and competence of people in the system. They have a clipboard and a perpetual frown.

In this case we discuss the new AMA concern about old docs.

Being an old doc, i read the essay with paerticular attention to all the old people who are in positions of power.

Of course old democrats are safe, old Republicans are dangersou.



2 responses to “Where is wisdom factored in–AMA worried about old physicians

  1. Of course they’re concerned. Older physicians got their education before post-secondary was permeated with PC and all its concomitant crapola. They still might have some common sense. Well, we can’t have that.

  2. ernestncurtis

    A sure sign of the idiocy of the press is that they continue to report the bloviations of the AMA as if they were relevant to anything. The last I remember years ago was that the AMA membership was down to about 10% of all doctors and these were uniformly those who spent the majority of their time on medical politics rather than matters pertinent to medical care. These are the same people who thought student government was important in high school.

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