Longstreet does a good job exposing the hack John Roberts

This essay is one of the better ones I saw today on Roberts’ idiocy on bamstercare.

This insanity started like the Souter thing–a Republican president nominates a weenie with no spine who is “acceptable” to the left, but for us Roberts was a pig in a poke.

Balance and separation of powers out the window to make Roberts more a part of the DC insider clique. He is now more palatable to the lefty mob for an administrative welfare state.



One response to “Longstreet does a good job exposing the hack John Roberts

  1. Westchester Bill

    My goodness a judge is not supposed to be a political operative.

    The reason to limit subsidy payments to Sate created Marketplaces was to make the system reasonable for the IRS and to recognize that insurance regulation is a state matter. The fallback to a Federal created market place did not contravene the basic rules.

    The slogan “repeal and replace” has no heft because the alternatives are state financed as in Canada or complete control as in Great Briton.

    Obamacare seems to be working fairly well. It informs some people of immense cost of the system, people who can consider them. For example, my oncologist says that he does not consider costs except for co-pays. But the huge cost of chemotherapy is being questioned in the oncologist community itself.

    I was looking forward to Chief Justice Roberts because he was a brilliant guy and I want more thought and less witless ideology from the court, be it Scalia or Ginsberg.

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