So let’s talk another prosecutorial screw up–this time Freddie Gray

The autopsy on Freddie Gray has been leaked.

Finally we confirm that Freddie was not an innocent victim of police brutality.


3 responses to “So let’s talk another prosecutorial screw up–this time Freddie Gray

  1. Great analysis by McCarthy (no surprise there) – thank you.

    I’d like to call attention to an item, that I’ve not heard anyone discuss to this date (oh, it’s possible I missed it – but I doubt it – ha). We’ve all seen it, but it’s quick – in the video. Let’s use the CNN spot narrated by Brooke Baldwin.

    “New video shows arrest of Freddie Gray before death:”

    At the 1:30 minute mark, she introduces the video (which we’ve all seen countless times) by issuing a stern warming that it’s “tough to watch.”

    The man filming it is head to taunt the police officers. He claims that Mr. Gray was tased. Best I’ve heard, that was not the case – the taser was pulled out – but never deployed.

    Gray is completely limp and crying in pain as the police officers struggle to drag him to the van; then to try to lift his uncooperative body into the back door.

    However, suddenly – with the guy shooting the video yelling to Gray – Gray suddenly stands erect and turns his head to the guy (utters something), looks completely normal, then, apparently precedes to step into the back of the paddy wagon – under his own power.

    I submit that Gray was faking [acting out] the entire episode. Suddenly, it’s not tough to watch at all.

  2. David Ferguson

    Didn’t Gray have a prior orthopedic injury some days or weeks before his arrest?

  3. They wont get the depraved indifference claim, but they can sure get negligent homicide from the evidence. And probably should.

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