MET Office: Little ice age ahead – re-arrange deck chairs now!

I thought solar variability has little or no influence on temperatures.

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Britain could be on the verge of a mini Ice Age as the Sun enters a cooler phase, the Met Office warned yesterday. The last big chill was felt hundreds of years ago when Frost Fairs were held on the frozen River Thames. However the Met Office said the new freeze will not be enough to cancel out the effects of global warming. Met Office’s Hadley Centre, which looks at long term forecasts, said there was a 15-20 per cent chance that we could match the temperatures last seen in 1645-1715 – sometimes called the Little Ice Age – when the River Thames froze over. –Colin Fernandez, Daily Mail, 24 June 2015

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7 responses to “MET Office: Little ice age ahead – re-arrange deck chairs now!

  1. Catch the “but it won’t save us from global warming” caveat

  2. Now that reality is starting to leak past the guardians of “consensus scientific knowledge”, we need to immediately ask radiation physicists and radiation oncologists to evaluate Galen Winsor’s video:

    I suspect Galen is right, but the survival of humanity may depend on reliable information about nuclear radiation. Oliver

  3. This is part 8 of a 9 part article on a new Climate Change hypothesis that is predicting a global cooling phase to begin in earnest in the next few years. Read all 9 parts. This theory correlates very well with all the past climate change record and its authors hope their cooling phase prediction will confirm its hypothesis if the predicted cooling occurs roughly on schedule. The CO2 model does not predict any cooling trend whatsoever.

  4. Maybe this will drive the invading army back to warmer climes.

  5. Coach Springer

    I am focused on what appears to be an oncoming intervening El Nino as reported on another prominent skeptic site. That would be a short-term tipping point for alarmists and their politicians before any cooling can begin. I am on alert for damage to already be done by the time cooling develops. And, of course, some alarmists will then claim that their actions averted their predicted disaster.

  6. This reads to me like a CYA piece by the MET office, whose recent history has been marked by a whole bunch of failures.

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