More Melanoma scares–now its caused by erectile meds

Associations. Diagnostic looseness, claims that the sun causes malignant melanoma, mixed reports with other skin cancers counted.

Don’t get published unless you scare people.

What if I proposed to publish a paper that said that people get melanoma but it is mostly about genetics?

What if I got into the weeds on the higher rate of skin cancer awareness and the many skin cancers that are not malignant in the oncological sense–they are local.

What if I pointed out that associational studies do not prove causation.

Well, I wouldn’t get published. So Pasty faced dermatologists preach about sun block with high ratings.

I am a dark skinned Irishman–I bet my genetics against the scaremongers, at an advanced age, after a lot of sun, even a few summers as a lifeguard, i have yet to let some derm start whittling away–but i have fair skinned relatives who are prone to basal and squamous.

I will leave the melanoma debate to another category–since melanoams seem to be inclined to occur in non sun exposed areas–that in itself makes me wonder–howboutu?

An archive from JS. Milloy is troubled by the melanoma scare machine. Always be skeptical when someone in the business of scaring people uses the words epidemic, or crisis. Some people just have to fuss about things and scare themselves and others.

Skin type and exposure are critical factors in skin cancer, no doubt, if you include basal and squamous. Melanoma is a very nasty beast indeed, but I am still troubled by the rate of melanoma in the high latitudes, where sun exposures are less.


3 responses to “More Melanoma scares–now its caused by erectile meds

  1. Many diseases are caused by stress.
    Stress is caused by fear.
    Fear is caused by alarmists.
    Ergo: Reading alarmist PRs about health-related issues can make you ill.

  2. Melanoma is definitely not caused by the sun – had an aunt that died from it. Her girdle irritated a mole in an area that never saw the sun. Likewise with another relative. That makes two in my family that got it – both from moles never exposed to the sun. It’s genetics. And usually it’s moles that go bad.

  3. my sister had a very large mole on her leg (her birthmark). It was removed surgically because the fear was that this mole could develop into melanoma. At the age of 52 she died as a result of bone cancer with the original cause remaining as unknown.

    I agree that genetics is a part of the answer as to why some get a melanoma and others remain untouched.

    My genetics point to the possibility of getting cancer. I am fair skinned and I have had a BCC plus the first stage of SCC known as Bowen’s. Age is a factor. Both my husband and myself have begun showing more and more signs of SCC or at least the early stages. My husband is ahead of me, and yes he is older. A lot of the people that I know who are over 60 and are fair skinned have the same issues.

    I doubt you would get published if you pointed out that age is a factor when it comes to BCC and SCC skin cancers.

    Over here we go to a skin cancer clinic. The check is provided for free. The removal of my BCC on my nose cost $300 which is not too bad. You are correct to point out that some dermatologists are gougers. I went to one in Canberra and I thought that he was a gouger because what he charged for a biopsy was very expensive in my view.

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