It doesn’t work–bamstercare is a failure and it won’t produce

John Goodman explains why the whole thing is a joke.

But we knew it would be.

There is no free lunch–and when people start screwing with health insurance, bad things happen.

For example, to fix the problem of 45 million not insured we create a very expensive program that creates another advocacy group dependent on subsidies and a big expansion of Medicaid–but we don’t even dent the uninsured number.


2 responses to “It doesn’t work–bamstercare is a failure and it won’t produce

  1. The last paragraph:
    “The kind of insurance people are acquiring is not conducive to an increase in doctor visits. Because of the high deductibles in the plans sold in Obamacare exchanges, most people with newly acquired private insurance are paying the full bill out of pocket. It’s as though they were uninsured”
    One of the few I’ve seen who notice the emperor’s lack of clothing. All the pols and opinion makers, go right along equating having insurance with having health care. Because of the high deductibles these policies are nothing more than very expensive catastrophic plans. It’s part of the fraudulent sale of this plan. If you have difficulty paying the premiums you sure as heck are going to have difficulty paying for the care. It is totally unsurprising that people aren’t flooding the doctors to take advantage of their newly acquired health care. The amazing part of this scam is how long it has gone on with so few recognizing it.

  2. It’s trickle down healthcare, from the same people who call the Laffer curve ‘trickle down economics’.

    Well, if we force people to give more money to insurance companies (???) some of that will trickle down to the healthcare industry and some of *that* will slip through the hands of multiple layers of ‘administrators’ to actual health care providers like doctors and nurses, so we’ll have more of them. Eventually. (10 years to train a new physician). Maybe.

    Or we could have made it cheaper and easier to become a physician in the first place, but the AMA doesn’t want more physicians competing with their members and bidding down their wages.

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