I should have put the beverage down before I read this

Environmental epic fails.  The more the greenies try, the worse it gets.Steven Hayward writing in Powerline has two articles: More Environmental Epic Fail, And Still More Environmental Epic Fail

Just to make John happy, Hayward covers recycling with:

Bottom line: A lot of material sent to recycling in your blue curbside bin ends up in the landfill like your regular trash. But with an extra truck trip and addition fuel and emissions thrown in as a bonus.

The clean power plan will increase CO2 from coal fired power plants.

Love those plastic water bottles? Well, the greenies did, but then they found they polluted the world.  So, what happens when you take them out of schools?  They are replaced by higher calorie beverages.

And,  banning transfats leads to deforestation.

Don’t worry, saving the planet is a tough business.  Something about omelets and eggs, I suppose.

And I’ll have to find out where Hayward bought his gluten-free email box.


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