Doper alert–More research on the medical marijuana scam

If a mood altering drug provides subjective benefits to people who have some medical problem, what’s the big surprise?

I am surprised at the weak nature of the evidence in this new study. Marijuana is an intoxicant, and if I give an intoxicant to people, i would expect them to say they feel better.

The editorial hits the nail on the had though–medical marijuana is mostly about legalizing recreational marijuana.

Why not, we have been rolled by the left and the welfare state is in full bloom. Aldous Huxley predicted this developmental stage in Brave New World, only in his book the intoxicant for the masses was Soma. “All the advantages of Christianity and Alcohol, none of their defects.” Would marijuana be Soma?

Huxley’s dystopia eliminated family, promoted casual promiscuity, and portrayed an intentional dumbing down of the populace with a systematic development of an oligarchy of alphas and betas–are we there yet?

Read Angelo Codevilla on the Ruling Class.


10 responses to “Doper alert–More research on the medical marijuana scam

  1. There is a difference between ‘feeling better’ and ‘believing you are feeling better’ that is lost on many people.
    If a ‘belief’ counts as medicine, then everything from Shamanism to Faith Healing, Homeopathy, Hypnosis, and drugs that disturb brain function are on the table.
    None of them will stop bleeding or help a broken leg…

    • I live in a state where it is legal. There are some people here who do use it for pain. It hasn’t been implied that it is a belief only, but an actual occurrence. Additionally, it seems to work with seizures (preventing them) but not in all cases, and that the drug is a derivative without the high.
      It would have been far better to have a reasonable drug policy than the one that is currently in place. There are two main groups that benefit from this: drug cartels and law enforcement. It really is crazy to take something from someone off the street that hasn’t been tested for purity or strength. People really do gamble. So do you really think punitive laws have worked?
      No it won’t stop bleeding or heal a broken leg, but then neither will ritlian.

    • A couple of glasses of 100 proof has a similar effect. It all inhibits the nervous system.

  2. What is jaw dropping to me is how we spent decades and millions of dollars to wean people from smoking and tobacco. Now we are using every resource at our command to encourage Mary Jane use, which has every negative quality that tobacco has plus a whole lot more.

    • But there is no “Big Pot” to sue when millions of users develop health issues.
      (Maybe Big Tobacco will become Big Pot. That would be hilarious.)

  3. Thanks for the ref to the semi-literate article by ACSH.
    Has US been dumbed down? The neurotoxin Fluoride in drinking water? The (non) education system? Look up Charlotte Iserbyt.

    Are medical papers, even peer reviewed, worth the paper they’re written on?


    As perverted as Climate Science? Economics?
    Working toward the Globalist wet dream: One Fascist World Govt & a vast depopulation?

  5. My understanding is the studies the AMA reviewed did not involve cannabis or cannabis extracts but did involve pure synthetic THC and CBD. Since cannabis is a schedule 1 drug you can’t do clinical trials with it. So all this proves is we haven’t researched medical cannabis. Most cannabis advocates want to use the whole plant or whole plant extract. THC is a pale imitator of what cannabis has to offer. So calling marinol cannabis is misleading and junk science. You guys really need to do better.

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