Time for some counseling and assurance about obesity.

Ok, so there is aesthetic obesity (dont’ have a six pack–flab), then there’s not so offensive obesity that might be described as unmistakably plump, and then there’s really can’t hardly walk and get around super fat.

People want to quibble about the BMI resulting in overdiagnosed obesity–but we all know how to find fat–just pinch yourself and see how much fat you got between your fingers. They even have these “official” pinchers to measure your fat on the back of your arms and such and of course you could get in the spa tubs to measure your percentage body fat, but who does that unless they don’t have much.

I lost 25 pounds a couple of years ago to avoid the embarrassment of being too fat with no excuse and then weighing myself for the annual visit with, the occupational nurse. I quit eating lunch, which I like a lot, and reduced my dinner portions at home and in the restaurants. Restaurant meals are treacherously generous, but they can go home for another fine meal. Too many of my contemporaries are eating the whole thing and even some desert. I understand but, too many calories makes fat people.

Sure I am still fat–I could not appear at a body builder’s contest without a handicap. However, there is moderation in these things–reduce your excess fat, don’t argue about the fairness of the latest fat studies and the BMI adjustments that haven’t accounted for this or that excuse. You pinch a lot of fat under your arm, you fat. You a male with breasts–you know the answer. Women fat in the hips or belly know, and less makes for more mobile, lighter, more active and happier. Bet on it.

Reducing your weight based on what you know and not debates about BMI and whether it’s fair, have a good impact–you got fat on your abdomen, hips and chest–you fat.

So you lose some weight, you carry less–good for your bones and joints and activity, reduces your problems with heart and lung capacity, even reduces your metabolic problems from carrying around too much fat.

A little fat is good for energy supplies, more fat becomes a burden. Most fit people are still a little fat. Those body builders are not fat–do you look like a body builder?

In the real world people are fat if they can be–storing up for emergencies–excess fat is the problem.

I have fat horses, from eating grass, they don’t work hard–it’s natural for them to be fat–like 1200 pounds plus.

My dogs need to be on rations–or they would be fat–same with cats.

Discipline is a tough thing, but I assure you being fat eliminates your chance of running fast or doing pull ups. Might even diminish your liveliness and wellness, make you uncomfortable–You knew that.


4 responses to “Time for some counseling and assurance about obesity.

  1. LiveFreeOrDiet

    I know you don’t believe in Low Carb, High Fat dieting, but I’m one of its success stories. I lost 44% of my body weight and kept it off for 11 years. I would love to claim self-control or some other virtue of character, but the fact is I lost weight on it without understanding why. I went on it not expecting it to work, but it did.
    If there’s a calorie restriction to this, it’s completely unconscious. All I know is I’m not so monstrously hungry like I used to be.

  2. what you have stated is common sense. However, I still think that BMI is a load of garbage and it is not a good measure of anything.

  3. Reality Observer

    Since I am apparently “aesthetic” – I’ll live with it.

    I probably won’t keel over from stress, either.

  4. I have never said that low carb high fat diets wouldn’t help weight loss-makes sense, satiety appears to be better provided with fat and protein. Carbs are alleged to not be so got satisfying appetite, and some experience appears to confirm that assertion. .

    I am just not into magical formulae that claim special benefits.for categories of foods, based on theories. .

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