Nuke Power is good stuff

But the enviro Luddites are afraid of everything–remember 3 mile island and Chernobyl? Remember Frankenstein? Cancer causing radiation, Scary, Scary, strontium 90 in the air–no safe level of radiation. Yada yada.

So a research fund of less than 100 million is going to accomplish what?

And boutique pebble reactors will be accepted by the NIMBY crowd?

Sure, and I’m Michael.

We’re going backwards, not forward in energy policy–soon my horses will be considered a renewable power resource–hook am up to a turbine, pull a plow, take em off the dole and put em to work, just like in the olden days when they used horses or mules, before Grandpa Hugh bought his first Allis Chalmers Gas tractor–what a beauty.


4 responses to “Nuke Power is good stuff

  1. When I was a kid in south Texas, there were still small farms that used horse power – also ox power. The environmental impact was absolutely audible, as well as malodorous and persistent. Clean-up was manual.

  2. ”progressives” are overpricing the electricity – so that you can buy a kerosene lamp for $9, or two for $15, to have the second one for when you go out of your cave; so you can be really progresive

  3. Coach Springer

    Speaking of going in strange directions, A natural gas home generator is looking better than ComEd. Very especially in the long term where the gas industry is trying to produce more energy while the electricity industry is trying to produce higher prices and limits. Including higher prices for its nuclear energy because it isn’t making money due to prior political and regulatory costs.

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