More on the leftist Pope

Alert, all you papal apologists. Kaminsky takes the time to dig through the detritus of the leftist nonsense of the pope and his illiteracy in matters of economics and the environment.

It’s just a lot easier for me to say he is ignorant and full of hubris–convinced that his good intentions make him unerring in his assessments and conclusions.

Often wrong but never in doubt is the saying we use in Texas.

Ross Kaminsky takes it all apart piece by piece–I dismiss him as a leftist Jesuit who is, clearly ignorant and full of the egoism of a true believer.

He is a dangerous man because he associates with dangerous people–he should go back to his failed socialist country, resign his office, and promise to shut up–we would all be better for it.

Kaminsky goes into detail–he has more patience than I with ignorant people. This is not really a discussion or debate–he thinks he knows something.


One response to “More on the leftist Pope

  1. The Pope loves the poor and suffering, and wants lots more of them.

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