I stand with Jack Cashill and against the nuts at Huff PO

Sure, Huff Po is run by leftist idiots–sure they put out bilge that doesn’t correspond to reality.

Now they continue to claim Trayvon was an innocent victim–a lie, and accuse Jack Cashill of inspiring Roof by telling the truth about Trayvon and why Zimmerman was innocent.

Jack Cashill is a writer of insight and integrity, head and shoulders above the Huff Po hacks, who throw around wild accusations and promote delusional racialist clap trap.

When all is said and done, Jack Cashill and American Thinker are right and tell the truth. Racialists and race hustlers are agit propagandists with no respect for honesty or the truth.

But they have plenty of support in the air headed ranks of the left.



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