Some more media and CBO deceptions about the consequences of repealing bamstercare

Of course it would be a disaster–a welfare program rescinded–in the midst of the leftist conquest of America?


News from the coopted American Medical Association.
CBO: ACA repeal would raise deficit, boost uninsured rate.
The AP (6/20, Taylor, Alonso-Zaldivar) reported that a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study released Friday indicates that repealing the Affordable Care Act “would modestly increase the budget deficit, while the number of uninsured Americans would rise by more than 20 million.” The Los Angeles Times (6/20, Levey) reported that “the analysis comes as GOP lawmakers are making plans to renew a repeal push if the Supreme Court backs the latest legal challenge” to the law.

Bloomberg Politics (6/20, Tracer) reported that the CBO said repealing the law “would increase the federal budget deficit by $353 billion over the next decade.” However, the report also said the move “would probably boost the economy as more people sought work to get health insurance, reducing the net cost to $137 billion.” The CBO said, “An end to the ACA’s subsidies for health insurance coverage would generate gross savings,” adding, “The net savings from repealing the law’s coverage provisions would increase more slowly than the net costs of repealing the act’s other provisions.” The New York Times (6/20, Pear, Subscription Publication) noted the “likely changes” that repealing the law would have, reporting 14 million “fewer people would be enrolled in Medicaid,” 18 million fewer individuals “would have private insurance,” and 8 million more people “would have coverage through employers.”

The Wall Street Journal (6/20, Timiraos, Subscription Publication) reported that both estimates prove the loss of tax revenues and spending cuts to Medicare will exceed the amount of money allocated to expanding insurance coverage over the 10 years, but congressional Republicans pushing to repeal the ACA, according to McClatchy (6/20, Hall), “view the second number as a victory,” because “the more traditional read of budget impact” is the one that “excludes any estimate of economic effects.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Post (6/20, Snell) said the report “is the first time” that the CBO “used so-called dynamic scoring to assess the cost of repealing” the ACA. The agency used the approach “at the request” of Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY). In a statement, Enzi said, “This law acts as an anchor on our economy by dragging down employment and reducing labor force participation.” Enzi added, according to The Hill (6/19, Shabad), that while the CBO “notes the deficit impact of repealing the law is highly uncertain, and could even reduce the deficit, it does show that repealing this law will boost nationwide employment and grow the economy.”


One response to “Some more media and CBO deceptions about the consequences of repealing bamstercare

  1. Democrats and Republicans worked together after WWII to save the world from nuclear annihilation by forbidding public knowledge of the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 & 9 AUG 1945 – NEUTRON REPULSION.

    The same source of energy powers the Sun and the cosmos. These four FALSE consensus science models are the result:

    1. The AGW Climate Model
    2. Standard Nuclear Model
    3. The Standard Solar Model
    4. Big Bang Cosmology Model

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