Liberals are intolerant because they are so well meaning

It’s easy to understand the intolerant nature of ideologues–that’s what id essential to their schtick.

A True Believer is first and last–intolerant.

It is the nature of academia to be intolerant and have intellectual passion. The next step is censorship.

The Liberals need their cause and they need to know they are right.

They also have no desire to really solve the problems of their favorite objects of pity as eloquently discussed by William Voegeli.

Here is a great essay on the totalitarian nature of well-meaning socialism, particularly in the academy.


3 responses to “Liberals are intolerant because they are so well meaning

  1. Obviously. When you know everything, you don’t have to tolerate dissent. The rest of us poor ignorant slobs should thank them for their wisdom and pay them lots of money.
    (do I really need a /sarc?)

  2. One of the most pervasive and destructive flaws of human nature is the inability to recognize the possibility that one just might be wrong.
    Once you accept the fact that you are not already omniscient, you can start to learn.
    A ‘scientist’ is a person who asks questions of the natural world, and can impartially accept and interpret the answers.

  3. Fantasy cannot tolerate truth. It exposes and discredits the fantasy. The only alternative is to silence the truth “intolerance!!!” There is perhaps no one more intolerant than the preachers of “tolerance”.

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