Recycling is another really stupid idea

Everything we do has an effect. Recycling was more about pandering to the need of enviros to DO SOMETHING, but it never made much sense. Land fills are not that big a problem and take up very little room. Recycling is inefficient and in practice creates it’s own energy demands.

Cost of recycling makes trash handling much more expensive than the enviros will admit.

Bad idea, always was. Recycling that was economically justified was limited, otherwise land fills are the way to go–and move on.

The High Holy Church of Mighty Green Ideology keeps coming up with bad ideas that, in fact have negative enviro impacts while satisfying their deep need to feel good about themselves.

All those special bins and sorting. Nonsense, and not even good energy and enviro policy. Cost per ton of trash is doubled, tripled in recycling systems.


4 responses to “Recycling is another really stupid idea

  1. In our city of Provo, Utah residents who choose to recycle pay 600K to the city each year. The city pays the recycling company 400K for pick up and processing. The company returns about 20K for the recycled material. The city keeps the other 180K. This is sustainable?

  2. Eventually it will be discovered that we have, for decades. stocking our landfills with precious metals – gold, platinum, palladium, rare earth metals, etc. – that is embedded within the circuits and batteries of the electronics we treat as disposable. It is not unreasonable to suppose that the concentrations of some of these materials are as high or higher in ‘solid waste’ than they were in their original ore sources.
    As far back as in the 70’s there were people who would buy junk cars for the sole purpose of collecting the metals in their catalytic converters.
    ‘Recycling’ may someday include ‘mining’ landfills to recover a wide variety of materials.

    • Electronics recycling depends on the ability to profit from recovery. If it were profitable without subsidy, it would be much more convenient. If you want to recycle electronics in my area, Goodwill and Best Buy (TV’s) are best. Other than that, drive across the county and pay to recycle. That’s in a county that does it through Waste Management.

  3. Sooner or later all complicated unrepairable gizmos from flashdrives to cars and beyond will have to be lumbered with a levy on the new price to cover the cost of recycling when
    they fail [ in too many cases, prematurely]
    As for miscellaneous garbage, it needs to be placed in cans based on whether it will burn reasonably cleanly and if so burnt to generate electricity, with the non-combustible garbage used in some filling situation where it will contribute to[ rather than messing up[ the environment……

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