Ban the Mexican Flag?

Here’s an interesting note–dealing with what amounts to an invasion by criminal elements.

I have had very good relations with former Mexicans–fine people who work hard and adhere to a high level of morality and family values.

Buuuuut, there is an element that can be described that is nothin’ but trouble. Usually in mob situations they are found waving the Mexican flag and claiming a delusional right to restoration of their Mexican Empire of the 19th century that they lost. I live on some of that land they claim as theirs.

Newsmachete, a man with an Hispanic name, proposes a startling effort to quiet the trouble.

It won’t fly, but it does create a question, doesn’t it?


2 responses to “Ban the Mexican Flag?

  1. Well, so what? I am currently paying property taxes on a small plot of land that according to the United Nations Agenda 21 land use plan is intended to be returned to nature with limited human access after the internationalist financialist mugwumps have finally taken over.

  2. Democracy is the larval stage of tyrannical government. It is the stage in the life of a society during which the parasitic maggots take over and learn to be in control.

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