Are think tanks dead? Is the Breitbart strategy our only hope?

We can’t have conservative think tanks that preach to the choir.

Good ideas mean nothing if we lose all the battles to some emotional appeal and a 24/7 leftist campaign to take us down. This is war.

We need to attack. Every compromise by our side advances the cause for their side.

I was reminded by my recent participation in the Heartland Conference–what a fine bunch of sensible people who are getting the asses kicked because we don’t have a strategy to get people assertive and effective in the public square.

Quick, tell me the latest achievements of the right–except placing compromising apologetic politicians in power and allowing those same weaklings to trash our real leaders, even the tea party people–a bunch of decent and reasonable citizens?

Why is Rush not acclaimed and repeatedly honored by conservative think tanks? Too hot to handle–vilification by the left of Rush and Ted Cruz and Allen West too effective to neutralize?

I repeatedly see weakness on our side–hell the Republican Party in Texas is weak, it has been infiltrated by old democrat forces so that the House Speaker is a democrat in sheep’s clothing.

The problem of Republicans who are not conservatives is, to some extent the product of think tank compromisers and a lack of energetic opposition to leftist crusades. The left is committed, the right is weak and distracted.

I have written about the Ben Shapiro/Andrew Breitbart strategic vision here at JS. Some Think Tanks do adhere to the strategy–however the conservative movement and many think tanks are waaaaay too passive and compromising–too apologetic, too weak in their efforts to defend traditional principles, including the principles of the founders–good concepts about limited government by consent and respect for liberty, morality and property.


One response to “Are think tanks dead? Is the Breitbart strategy our only hope?

  1. Think tanks can not only equip the “choir” to be persuasive in their arguments against leftist hogwash, but also educate the young in right thinking. Colleges have fallen down on the job of teaching students “how to think,” so it’s up to think tanks to teach them not only how to think, but what to think as literate members of society.

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