A Medieval Church attitude?

Oh, I know, the simple life of St Francis sounds so cute–but he wasn’t much good, was he? Except for his extraordinary opinion of himself–he didn’t raise a family or provide for others, he was a beggar, wasn’t he? Dependent on the generosity of others, along with the order he founded. Talking that holy and pius talk.

Morano is linked below talking about the inane ideas currently circulated about what’s good for the poor and for the planet.

The supposedly evil Robber Barons did more for society and civilization and the welfare of the poor and developing nations than St. Francis. That’s why progress and the industrial revolution achieved so much for people in quality of life in such a short period, raising life expectancies and creating better lives for so many. Now the socialist, pius do gooders want to return us to a form of medievalist life–a little more of the nasty, brutish and short. What do they need electricity and good infrastructure with clean water, good housing, medical care for if they are preserving some utopian enviro ideal and living in communion with Mother Gaia?

Here’s Morano talking about the poor in developing nations and why their lives are better and be even better–energy, progress, not pius pablum, pursuit of a virtuous and successful life.

The material welfare of the poor and, as an international issue, the developing and downtrodden nations, is important. Posturing about caring for the poor and chatter about the nobility of the poor is magical nonsense. There is no substitute for progress–certainly not cheap talk by poseurs.



13 responses to “A Medieval Church attitude?

  1. Mr. Milloy, thank you for opening my eyes about global warming and junk science. It was by viewing your website years ago that I had a climate change epiphany. I hold you in the highest esteem and respect your keen intellect.

    As a Catholic, I follow the churches teachings as best I can. Although I respect the papacy I am free to disagree with the pope on matters other than official church teachings on faith and morals.

    I strongly disagree with the Popes position on global warming and I find it embarrassing. That being stated, I would greatly appreciate it if you cease engaging in personal attacks on the pope and St. Francis. I find it deeply offensive.

    Although I support your first amendment rights with every fiber of my being I cannot understand why a brilliant and courageous intellectual titan would reduce himself to pointless personal attacks and risk alienating some of your most ardent supporters.

    • Well, don’t strain too hard, since you don’t get it.

      St Francis of Assisi is a nice image for you to hold dear to to your naive breast, but don’t ignore the reality of a pope who is a goofy leftist.

      Get a grip dummy. And don’t worry, Milloy is not the guy who is making fun of the pope, at the website–Milloy is doing his attacks at the twitter line.

      Are you just stupid or do you really think the pope is benign and not a lefty enviro jackass?

    • Good day Eddy. While it is wonderful that your eyes are open to the truth of the global warming scam, you have only begun to ‘see the light’. The current Pope is spewing the New World Order/Illuminati dogma of tyranny. The Vatican is in bed with the controllers. One world governance micro managing those allowed to live is the goal. The climate scare is the plan to achieve the ultimate goal as we just have to save the planet from a non existent problem. Sorry to say, your beloved Pope is not as he appears. He and the mega rich elite want us all subservient, and controlled. The Vatican has been anti science forever. Climate Change is not science. Seek the truth no matter where it leads.

      • They say that anti-catholicism is the antisemitism of the day. Now I understand why.
        John1282 resorts to an ad hominem attack on me, wow! I bet you wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to say it to my face. You are like the guy that flips somebody off in traffic. Then, the light turns red, the guy you flipped off gets out of his car and you defecate in your pants.

        I don’t hide behind a screen name. Google me, look me up and come visit me, tough guy.

  2. George Mullerelili

    What the heck does St. Francis of Assisi have to do with any of this, other than being the namesake for Cardinal Gogoglio?

  3. OOOOH, I don’t know, can’t imagine that the pope picked the St. Francis imagery for his concern about the poor and his commitment to some goofy enviro ideological stupidity–don’t be stupid George.

  4. Hey, Mike, dismissive doesn’t cover it very well–i think that the whole thing is despicable. St Francis loved the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees–hell sounds like a Judy Collins hit.

    And what did he have to say or do about the reality of life on this planet–the obligation that people have to do something and be somebody, instead of posing for pictures for holy cards.

    • @john1282
      Why don’t you like Francis of Assisi? Among other practical matters, he did–at considerable risk to life and limb–try to negotiate with Sultan al-Kamil, a nephew of Saladin, in an attempt to end the bloodshed of the Crusades.

      To quote from a learned bio of Francis..

      Probably no one in history has set out as seriously as did Francis to imitate the life of Christ and to carry out so literally Christ’s work in Christ’s own way. This is the key to the character and spirit of St. Francis and helps explain his veneration for the Eucharist (the body and blood of Christ) and respect for the priests who handled the elements of the communion sacrament. To neglect this point is to present an unbalanced portrait of the saint as a lover of nature, a social worker, an itinerant preacher, and a celebrant of poverty.

      He is one of the most venerated saints of all time.

  5. Boy do I think that he is the perfect example of why we are now iin a socialist swamp.

    i could elaborate,, but i would prefer to point out that peacemakers (his effort to stop the crusades) don’t solve problems, they make them.

    As for this devotino to poverty and deprivation, special consideration for the poor–what a damn loser–who promoted the mediocre and not the virtuous;.

    How you like that.

    I think we can blame St Francis and his current devotee for the wrongheaded ideas of the socialist church.

    Not good for humans, not good for progress, but certainly good for silly ideas of how mediocrity and acceptance of medeocrity make for a culture, a society of mediocre but self serving and self indulgent underachievers.

    The obligation of humans is to improve on what they find, support their friends/niegbors/family and avoid stupid slides into acceptance of utopian BS.

    Francis, and the current pope are committed to a mediocre life that is domiinated by self satisfaction. I REJECT THE example of beggars.

    • luisadownunder

      That’s just silly, john1282, it surely cannot possibly be St Francis’ fault that “we are now iin a socialist swamp.” It was just unfortunate that the current Pope took his name, that’s all.

      It is better, as Eddy points out, to simply state your case, which has many points we all agree on, without the need to resort to name calling of the Pope and especially the deprecating remarks about Catholics. Catholics aren’t stupid – they can think for themselves. Otherwise, you do run the risk of sounding like you are perpetrating hatred for a particular religious group, much like the left’s hate of Jews.

      To be clear: I am a Catholic.

  6. People, you can save your paternalism.

    St Francis is a part of the problem of the Catholic church, a socialist quagmire for sure.

    I don’t think details will provide what you want–but consider that the idea that the poor are noble is stupid–the poor are losers.

    And you damn bet you that I resent the fact that the Catholic Church was the first army to promote statist oligarchic socialism.

    One might say, well what about the church’s stalwart opposition to communism in the 20th century–but that was about atheism, not the tenets of socialism.

    In fact the easy victory of communists who promoted liberation theology in So America is a measure of how close to serious dogmatic materilaistic communism the church was.

    There has been some serious vacillation in the past century, but not enough to redeem the Catholic Church from its dedication to socialism that goes back to a serious and malignant dislike of the industrial revolution and a commitment to a porly disguised commie adherence to class envy and conflict and that old canard SOCIAL JUSTICE.

    I stand by my position and I come from more catholic/jesuit education than anyone/that means anyone, can claim unless they went to the seminary.

    In 22 years of catholic jesuit education I went to undergrad with a minor in philosophy, medicine, and law. I think I can speak to the creepy socialist nature of what has become of catholic education, jesuit or otherwise..

    Those who are conservative and hold to a Catholic Faith have a problem.

    I don’t suffer the difficulty of defending the enemies of humanity and liberty.

    So get a grip–it isn’t a crazy anti catholic telling you to wake up, it’s a well informed catholic product who sees the malignancy of the church–it is infiltrated by commies and provides bad advice and counsel from a clergy contaminated by socialism and worse–the acceptance of political and moral viciousness and even sexual misconduct and license or perversion. What a terrible place to be for the largest Christian denomination on the planet. A fever swamp of political and moral corruption and craven promotions and ambitions.

    Someday soon will the Catholic Church declare itself opposed to America? Could that be the product of this crazy Argentinian’s nonsensical socialist fanaticism? I don’t think he can redeem himself at this point–he is shilling for statist socialism.

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