Double the coal power closings?

An EIA report says that the Clean Power Plan will result closing 90GW of coal power instead of 40 GW estimated by EPA.  From Clean Technica, EIA Report: EPA Climate Rule Will Result In Coal Power Plant Shutdowns Doubling

The EIA report (link here) says most of the reductions would happen by 2020 but the estimate goes through 2040.  The price of electricity would increase by 3%-7%.  Widely different estimates from two federal agencies.  I’d trust EIA’s estimate although “most by 2020” seems fast unless the replacement power  is already in the pipeline.  Five years is a short time to plan, permit and build replacement power plants.  If natural gas is the main replacement source, then does the infrastructure exist?

All of this for a GHG reduction that will have no measureable effect on global temperature?


One response to “Double the coal power closings?

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    I would plan for more and more brownouts as sections of the grid drop in and out more frequently

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