No conflicts of interests?

Members of EPA advisory boards have received $140M in grants since 2000.  From the Washington Times, Outside science advisers collect EPA grants while guiding agency

The EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board and Clean Air Scientific Advisor Committee are supposed to be composed of independent outsiders.  Several members and/or their universities are the recipient of EPA grants.

All eight members on the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) have extended, been recipients of or are overseeing more than $19 million in agency grants earmarked to the institutions they work for or directly to themselves, procurement records show.

The total of EPA grants to independent advisors or their institutions since 2000 is about $140M. The EPA says this doesn’t affect their objectivity in reviewing the science behind regulations that can have serious economic impacts.  Think of the screams if the “deniers” who have no direct impact on environmental regulations were to have gotten that much.


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