Medicalizing all our worries and regrets–READ THIS BOOK BY DALRYMPLE

Medicalization is the bane of my existence in healthcare–there are so many people who want a diagnosis and a treatment.

People identify themselves by their diagnoses, fret about wellness and health, gather to themselves worries and anxieties about their health.

Everyone claims a disability. Hell, I have a number of disabilities–too short, too fat, can’t jump high, bad eyes, now bad hearing, not smart enough, lousy piano player, nose too big, have some acne scars, getting old and slow, lost a couple of teeth, can’t do calculus.

Theodore Dalrymple wrote a book about it, review linked below.

Leon Cass MD and Paul McHugh MD wrote about it when they were on the W administration bioethics commission–wrote about medicalization of life and it’s consequences. Corresponsdence captured here:

If you are an intelligent and observant person–this will ring your bell. Dalrymple (pen name for psychiatrist Anthony Daniels) is a prolific and intelligent writer on the human condition, a man of great erudition and insight.


2 responses to “Medicalizing all our worries and regrets–READ THIS BOOK BY DALRYMPLE

  1. Does Dalrymple recommended that schizophrenics and bipolars who would otherwise be harmful to themselves and possibly to others, not take meds that assist greatly in their positive functioning? The reviewer mentioned only negative side-effects of psychotropic drugs, not demonstrably successful effects. Is this the reviewer’s assessment of meds, or Dalrymple’s?

  2. Anthony Daniels is an experienced and sensible psychiatrist. He knows that psych medicines are indicated for conditions and are effective.

    He is not a nihilist at all. The reviewer was emphasizing overtreatment considerations.

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