Let’s talk heat, it’s summer

I listened to a fine lecture on heat illness yesterday.

One take away is that a closed up car on a hot day can have an increase in temp by more than 15 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Also you need to be aware that even non exercising (particularly elderly and babies are vulnerable to heat illness if not accorded safe environment.

I don’t need to tell you dogs and pets are particularly vulnerable, they con’t have perspiration to work for them–perspiration kicks in when the ambient temp approaches critical, for example 95 F for humans, before than radiative and convective processes will do.

So you knew that deserts produce the highest temps, for the same reasons as cars and metal containers like my RV.

The humidity in the air mitigates, also the albedo, so deserts are hostile temp places–cold in the night, hot in the day.

Climate is not weather–the deserts produce hot even in latitudes that wold be pleasant in other areas of the earth. They also produce cold.

Vegetation and humidity are factors. Jungles don’t get hot like deserts.

Very hot–130 in Iraq, Sahara 150 F. and an ant survives?

Yep, here’s how–they reflect and radiate. Ants don’t sweat.



One response to “Let’s talk heat, it’s summer

  1. Well, then.
    The tinfoil hats Warmunists wear should help protect them.

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