Let’s outlaw gun free zones–give the bad guys something to fear

I am constantly irritated by people who don’t understand that a gun is a tool.

Millions of men and women in Pennsylvania and Minnesota and Wisconsin are trained and familiar in the use of a powerful gun, the deer rifle–are you afraid of those states, states that could put together the biggest shoulder arms army in the world?

A knife is a tool, so is a hammer, a screwdriver, an axe, a baseball bat. They allow extra leverage or force or power to accomplish an act. A heavy boot or a big fist is a lethal weapon, even a pen in the hands of an expert–remember how the Cardinal was killed in Godfather III?

The person handling the tool decides how to use that tool.

Handle a gun and you will see it doesn’t have the ability to fire unless a person releases the safety and pulls the trigger–simple idea for people afraid of guns. Doesn’t mean gun safety is not important, just like hammer or drill or axe safety. Safety with a chain saw is important–or a power saw. They do some damage. Lumberjacking is one of the most dangerous occupations–falling trees kill too.

In a dangerous situation I would want an expert if I could have one with me all the time, however if I am in a Church or School or some other gun free zone, I am only assured of one thing–an armed gunman is at an advantage unless I can get to him with a hammer or a stick or a screwdriver or a knife. OOOOOR if someone ignored the sign and is conceal and carry licensed.

Ever wonder how many soldiers are armed on our supposedly unarmed army posts? Or maybe you didn’t know that draft dodger Bill Clinton disarmed our military on their own posts in 1993 and W never reversed it. Mrs. was a librarian, probably didn’t like guns. Can you imagine Karl Rove packin’ anything other than an extra pair of glasses?

I have a friend who was at the Luby’s shooting as the first physician on the scene and has taken up the issue of public shootings–he says the best defense against a knife is to run, the best defense against a gun is a rush. Not easy to run toward the gun, is it–probably only brave trained men or women would do such a thing? For example no one rushed Hasan, even thought the buildiing was full of military people–admittedly meany weren’t combat arms people, many were support and medical.

That’s why I want gun free zones eliminated. Every Judge I know can and will carry, so should school and church people. Eliminating guns in bars leaves only the bad guys armed and drunk and dangerous.

Gun control freaks aren’t going to change their fear, it’s like the fear of heights or snakes, or water or bridges. Familiarity and knowledge are the antidote to fear. I have a wonderful pit bull named Maggie, but people have a fear of pit bulls and Maggie scares them even though she is a loving and loyal dog, innocent of the evils that result from bad training and use.

I suggest someone disarm the president’s security guard and watch him howl. Doesn’t the woman by herself on the street have more to fear than a big mouth president surrounded by a cadre of well-trained men who can kill with their hands if they are unarmed and are sworn to protect, even with their bodies, as exemplified in the Reagan shooting?

He makes me sick–what an empty head. Violent evil people exist and peaceful citizens deserve the right to protect themselves.

Open carry recently passed in Texas and has been the custom in other states. It results in a safer citizenry. The Police are to far away to assure personal safety–they arrive just in time to put up the yellow tape.



3 responses to “Let’s outlaw gun free zones–give the bad guys something to fear

  1. It should be obvious to all the phrase ‘gun free zone’ is just a euphemism for ‘soft target’.
    I learned as a child that *anything* can be a toy, a tool, or a weapon. The difference is in the intent of the wielder. A hot cup of coffee can be enough to distract an assailant long enough for an unarmed counter-assault to completely disable the attacker. The other pre-requisite is a hero to perform the counter.
    Unfortunately we are raising an entire generation that would rather record the video of a tragedy to be posted ater on social media than take immediate action to mitigate the crisis.

  2. It sounds like a cliche, but I do believe in the phrase “An armed society is a polite society.” I vaguely remember it written in a Heinlein story.

  3. US Gun Control


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