Colin Flaherty speaks truth to the inane MSM

Well the MSM only represents the bullhorn of the inanity of the oligarchy.

But Colin Flaherty speaks up and tells the truth.

Joseph Schumpeter said that the first casualty of ideology is the truth. At Junk Science we chronicle junk science in all the intellectual inquiries that are pertinent to the culture and life in this country–a target rich environment is the social sciences, such as criminology.

You think politics and social sciences are not dependent on integrity in inquiry–get a life.

Here’s Colin Flaherty telling truth about racial crime and the reality in America.

I predicted a race war in America many years ago–which is politically energized by a socialist mindset and dedicated anti Americans who want to rub the sores and agitate the mobs.

My experience is that resentment often is the first result of charity and favorable treatment. Did the Civil Rights act and affirmative action make things better? Only if you measure it in soothing the guilt ridden lefty oligarchs. Beneficiaries of charity and generosity often are angered by their position, and it engenders envy and malignant thoughts.


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