All you need to know is the price of electricity in 20 years

Charles Battig’s letter on putting solar panels on a county’s schools. From The Daily Progress, Opinion/Letter: The true cost of using solar power

An excellent letter concluding with:

“Economically viable” only in a free-lunch world. How could a solar energy provider afford to purchase, install and maintain a solar panel installation and charge only for the electricity sold and still make a profit? A 30 percent federal tax credit, state subsidies and other environmental rebates drive the economics of this scheme. Higher taxes and higher electricity rates pay for the “economic viability.” These added costs impact most severely on the poorer members of society, who get to fund this “win-win” initiative for the more advantaged.


One response to “All you need to know is the price of electricity in 20 years

  1. Coach Springer

    Any utility or utility substitute in concert with any government that are committed to less efficient energy are necessarily committed to producing higher costs for everyone else or at least passing them through to everyone else. The really bad part is that they stand ready to do this even before they can find the phony rationale to sell to the public.

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