The problem of the Black Intellectualoids

This essayist Mr. Ikenga gets it. Black phony intellectuals have poisoned the well.

The measure of the mediocrity of the bamster and moochelle only scratches the surface, and Ikenga failed to flesh out the academic mediocrity of these two poster children for the nonsense of affirmative action. Recall that the Con Law professor (not) has never written a scholarly legal review and has been shown by Jack Cashill to not be the author of the books he claims to have written. Consider that Hitchens described moochelle’s Princeton Senior thesis as so bad it was not written in accepted English. And she went on to graduate Harvard Law?

Oh, did you know the first couple, grads of Harvard Law, don’t have Law Licenses? I don’t even practice law and had or have licenses in three states by exam, as a matter of professional pride. Requires a little effort to get and keep a license, but isn’t that what Law School Grads do? What professional pride do these two oligarchs of the left have?

Sure the bamster was President of the Harvard Law Review, but he wasn’t EDITOR OF THE HARVARD LAW REVIEW which is an academic honor. It’s like the difference between the valedictorian and the president of the senior class.

And it goes from there. Intellectual puffing is a problem for white and black and results in lying and burnishing CVs and resumes. Here at writers and commenters live by the persuasiveness of what they think and write, requiring some analysis and knowledge–in the modern world, as Ikenga put it so well–people attempt to pose as intellectuals with a superficial and unrefined intellectual foundation. They are the oxymoron of wisdom and intelligence energized by leftist true believer commitment.

In the world of hype and charlatans consider the academic credentials of people like Jackson and Sharpton–street hustlers and agitators, but also race issue extortionists. Both call themselves Reverend, but check out their theological studies.

Then consider the comparable gravitas of Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, John McWhorter, Andre Watts, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver. At another level two of my mentors, Claude Organ (past president of the American College of Surgeons) and Gerald Thompson (past president of the American College of Physicians) and so many others who have the chops and talent and are not poseurs.

Mr. Ikenga gets it, but the culture has already been bullied by the black intellectualoids and I fear we are beyond a cure, living in the political correctness police state of group double think.

Every genuinely smart and talented black is tarred (no pun) with the problems created by affirmative action.

If you don’t believe that, read Clarence Thomas’ biography or listen to him read it, as I did. Thomas was raised in dire poverty in Pin Point Georgia and made his own success, but after graduating from Yale Law and because, I think, he is very black, he was not offered the typical job of a Yale grad–he ended up going tot he AG’s office in Missouri.

There is nothing wrong with Clarence Thomas’ scholarship or intellect. He also possesses a wealth of experience and character of virtue.

The bamster is not a man of distinction or character, and he is mendacious and malignant to boot, but he is part of a larger group of pretend intellectuals and leftist ideologues and grievance hustlers with an immature and selfish frame of mind. Oh, and they hate America and Americans the traditions and institutions of Western Civilization.


One response to “The problem of the Black Intellectualoids

  1. @john1282
    Lovina Ikenga (a woman, please) is a proud practicing Catholic, originally from Nigeria, now in NYC. There are many saints from Africa, including St. Augustine himself.

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