Scientific Fraud has NYT in a wad–NYT, the home of journalistic advocacy

These NYT clowns don’t get it–if a NYT reporter lies for justice–he gets applause. Now they get their panties in a wad because scientists lie?

Integrity is the product of character, and the leftists have no virtue that keeps them from their deceits in political advocacy.

Sometimes the fraud is just an effort to get more prestige and promotions. The pressure to publish is important and publication bias makes it important to find SOMETHING that will get published.

However, in climate and public policy related activities, funded by government entities, the goal is to produce science to justify and support policy making. Soooooo, well paid researchers in policy related science–such as EPA sponsored science on air pollution and climate or sustainability, for example, the researchers know how to stay at the trough and bring home the bacon–deliver, deliver on time.

Observational studies, population studies allow for the most data torturing, modeling and simulations have a lot of black box aspects.

Cheating is everywhere.

Journals don’t have any magic way to prevent this–they must depend on efforts to replicate by scientists, peer review just prevents obvious methodology problems.


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