Rush talks about the socialist papacy

Pretty much covers what I told you–a jesuit is a commie, they can’t help themselves.


3 responses to “Rush talks about the socialist papacy

  1. In the 80’s when the west was battling Soviet communism Pope John Paul II joined forces with Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher to bring down the evil empire and now we have a communist president and a communist pope and a useless Cameron working to reinstall the communist system.

  2. The Pope isn’t a Marxist (communist) that would be a suicidal contradiction of terms. As a general rule Popes are not stupid, nor suicidal. (Marxism’s only religion is the state, all other religions become twisted, useful tools or are eliminated by force.) The Pope is, sadly, a big believer in gov’t enforced social justice (from the top down) although I would guess that he doesn’t think of it that way. Yeah, I still miss Pope St. John Paul 2. Maybe we should be a little more scientific ourselves and wait to read the actual document before we jump too far ahead with our conclusions, although I confess to apprehension regarding that document.

  3. “None of this is to deny that some economic conservatives’ criticisms of Pope Francis since 2013 have verged on the absurd. The briefest of glances at the Pope’s writings underscores that Jorge Bergoglio is no liberation theologian. It is equally nonsensical to describe this pope as a Marxist. Indeed, Pope Francis’s pointed defense of innocent life from conception onwards, his forthright condemnations of euthanasia, and his increasingly ferocious criticisms of the fantasy-world otherwise known as “gender theory” contradicts the most basic of contemporary left-wing orthodoxies.” Samuel Gregg, The American Spectator.

    Steve Milloy, I love you, man, you’ve done a lot of good, but sometimes it’s good to go to other sources than your occasional, off the wall rants:

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