Do environmentalist care about the environment?

No, if you use the mess and damage they can leave while saving the planet.  From Hot Air, Anti-drilling environmentalists manage to trash environment in Seattle

The protestors brought in a barge as part of the protest against Shell’s Polar Pioneer rig.  The barge was anchored in a diving area that was popular for wildlife.  The anchors and lines damaged the area and left a diving hazard.  When they left, the anchors and cable needed cleaning up to the tune of $10k by a group not associated with the protest.

Leaving a mess is not atypical of leftist protests. When you are saving the planet, making a mess and then cleaning it up is not an issue of importance.  Now, had that been done by someone else it would make the news with much gnashing of teeth, finds and lamentations.


5 responses to “Do environmentalist care about the environment?

  1. Right on. I remember the huge mess left by the do-gooders after the very first Earth Day event while I was in college……

  2. “The green movement is not about creating better forms of energy, it is about minimizing development.”

    – Alex Epstein, Center for Industrial Progress

  3. Well, at least they were clueless despoilers of the Earth, unlike the idiots who recently vandalized the Nazca Lines.

  4. I remember seeing pix of the piles of mostly styrofoam garbage left by the “Peoples Climate March” and shaking my head. Oh, but it’s the GOVERNMENT that’s supposed to take care of all that. Lazy, ignorant potheads don’t seem to change much from one generation to the next.

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