Thomas Sowell on political correctness run amok

Totalitarianism is about telling people what they can think, what they can say.

I appreciate Sowell’s allusion to one of the creepy commies of all time–Jean Paul Sartre.

Microaggression accusations give the left the ability to condemn anyone they don’t like and anything foreign to their lexicon and ideology. I refuse to concede to these sickos.


2 responses to “Thomas Sowell on political correctness run amok

  1. PC kills! When hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, a number of first responders from Montana went down to help rescue people. But FEMA decided because these people came from the west they would be
    “racist” and refused to let them go near any “person of color” lest they “offend them”. Instead they were confined to “sensitivity training” for two weeks while “people of color” died on trees, roof tops and bridges because there was no one to rescue them. Even when their “training” ended they were still not allowed to go near “people of color”, they could only unload supplies. At lease they didn’t “offend”.
    Then there is the Ft Hood shooting, they knew he was dangerous, but did nothing because he was a “Moslem”, 13 people died needlessly but at least they didn’t “offend” him.
    The Boston Marathon bombing is a repeat of the above, Russia warned us about them, but we deliberately ignored the warning.

  2. Few people alive can think and write as well as Thomas Sowell.

    All you need to know about the Obama administration is that Thomas Sowell is a black man not welcome in the White House while Al Sharpton has a blank check to come whenever he wants.

    Then again, Sowell would never promote totalitarian control of thoughts and speech, riots, violence, hatred and threats against the administration’s opponents–so he would be of no use to them.

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