Nobel Laureate fired for political incorrectness

He told a joke, and they hounded him. The feminist thugs.


5 responses to “Nobel Laureate fired for political incorrectness

  1. @john1282
    Not to defend the university for a moment, but I suspect that there were other things they didn’t like about the guy, and just took this opportunity. Given his age, they felt certain he would not fight it too much.

    Example number 1,234,987,775,259 of how “Civil Rights/Affirmative Action/Victimization” is the worst plague that has ever hit our modern society. And, BTW, there is no cure for this madness.

    Or, to put it another way, the university won’t tolerate intolerance.

  2. luisadownunder

    Amazingly, his wife, an academic in her own right and who didn’t say anything, has also suffered the wrath of the feminists.

  3. I hope he gets to spike his retirement with the threat of tort action and demands no Non Disclosure Agreement in the settlement.

    That way he can laugh all the way to the bank and tel the world about it.

  4. Alas, so true for these Leftist morons…

    1. Scratch a liberal, reveal a Nazi
    2. Whatever is not prohibited is mandatory.

    Amazing how the academy—-once a beacon of free thought—-has become the Borg.

  5. Great to read that Dawkins has spoken out in favor / support of Sir Tim Hunt this should attract plenty of public attention…
    About the first time I have ever agreed wholeheartedly with anything Dawkins has said……….

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