Climate change done in the dinosaurs, so beware

A new study attributes the end of Jurassic dinosaurs to climate change.  So beware. It seems that climate change causes about everything.  From The Washington Post, Study shows climate change’s surprising toll on early dinosaurs

The study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looked at CO2 levels from volcanoes (carbon isotope levels) during the Jurassic period (200 million years ago) and flora and fauna distributions.  Among the finding were the tropical regions were not as hospitable to dinosaurs as middle and higher latitudes.  This was supposedly brought about by climate change from high CO2 levels from volcanic eruptions.  Eventually (15 million years) the dinosaurs adapted.

The Jurassic era had CO2 levels about 5 times current levels from volcanic eruptions not SUV’s. The Post article, supposedly based on the study, has all the climate change buzz words:  fires, extreme weather, etc.  Somehow, the climate change in the Jurassic with 2000 ppm CO2 effecting climate over millions of years is analogous to the present and our CO2 emissions over the next couple hundred years.

I find it difficult to believe supposedly good research that offers a theory on a period 250 million years ago that tries to move it to current events.  In that period the world was warmer, the arctic was very different and the world was capable of supporting a very diverse contingent of very large animals for millions of years.  We should fear the next 200 years?  Trying to compress millions of years of a period 250 million years ago into a couple hundred years isn’t very scientific and more than a bit silly.


6 responses to “Climate change done in the dinosaurs, so beware

  1. Scientific evidence requires repeated and verified observations to determine if something is true. It seems to me that carbon isotope levels/ratios can’t be used to determine CO-2 concentration , only observations and measurements. Is there a list of those who have this back then?

  2. luisadownunder

    Well, at least it wasn’t cause by us 😉

  3. Of course, 250 million years ago, the continents werent in the same places, so perhaps the Earth’s geography had some minor effect on the weather.

  4. wasn’t the world getting cooler as the dinosaurs vanished.

  5. We should be celebrating this study. It means we have at least half a million years before anything bad happens.

  6. To think that we did not know that SUVs and coal-fired power plants must have been around 65 million years ago to cause climate change! LOL

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