Pope’s climate encyclical leaked — we’ve already read it for you

The Vatican has called the leak ‘heinous.’

Check the JunkScience Twitter feed for the highlights or read it yourself in the original Italian.

Click for TIME coverage of the leak.


2 responses to “Pope’s climate encyclical leaked — we’ve already read it for you

  1. It is appropriate that the current Pope follow the example of those before him who thought they could deny SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE Copernicus reported in 1543:

    Earth and other planets orbit the giant fountain of energy at the gravitational center of the Solar System that gives heat and light to the Earth and other planets.

    Space age measurements have since shown that this same giant fountain of energy:

    1. Made all of the chemical elements in the Solar System
    2. Birthed the entire Solar System five billion years (5 Ga) ago
    3. Sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth after ~3.8 Ga ago
    4. Still maintains every atom, life and planet in the Solar System today,

    including the climate of each planet in the Solar System!

    It is fitting that the current Pope align himself with dogmatic scientists and religionists who deny all experimental evidence that falsifies their dogma.

  2. The REAL good Lord’s 10 commandments are ”the laws of physics”
    Those laws of physics are controlling and regulating the ”Earth’s Temperature Self Regulating Mechanism *ETSAM) which make localized temp always to fluctuate, BUT: overall global temperature to be always the same => the Pope is discrediting and insulting his own God – to please the Flat Earthers, who believe that every summer is global warming / every winter is global cooling…( look at their ”global temperature charts” they look as seismographs….)
    If the public on the street knows what’s on this post, the Pope would stick to his own ”THE END IS NIGH” and Obama would have being impeached before last Christmas, for supporting the Communist under green camouflage and their destructive lies!!! Here it is, read every sentence of it, or stop blaming the Swindlers:: https://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/cooling-earth/

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