Just a hint of corruption?

Can you give yourself a retirement job just like the one you are doing with a hefty raise?  You can if you work for NOAA.  From The Daily Caller, Congress Wants Answers After NOAA Official Creates New, Higher Paying Job For Himself   

Earlier this month, it came to light that a top official at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration created a new contract position with the same responsibilities as his previous position, took that new job and got a $43,200 raise in the process.

Also he got a $5ok housing allowance.  The distressing part is that he would have gotten away with it except for an IG report.  You think it might say something about the overall ethics of the keepers of climate data?


One response to “Just a hint of corruption?

  1. Andrew Kerber

    Well of course congress is investigating. That sort of institutional corruption is reserved for former congressman to execute, not a lowly employee. They always get upset when someone else takes what they consider their own prerogatives.

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