GMO shoot down, what a mess

I like this–some common sense in the GMO debate–putting down an arrogant academic.


4 responses to “GMO shoot down, what a mess

  1. Further to the above….

    This Anti-GMO nonsense reminds me of a little story from the 1970s….

    At the time, I was writing lots of ads, and needed quick, cheap, and cool graphic design. I walked into one of the studios I was using, in the midst of a heated discussion on…organic foods.

    As two of the artists—in this case both hippie-looking scions of serious wealth—were talking up the merits of only eating organic food, Liz, the artist I usually worked with, muttered under her breath to me: “Funny how those who are so concerned with their food being natural and free of chemicals are the biggest users of, uh, recreational drugs.”

    Liz, you see, was referring to those two scions, and spoke from the point of view of a married working-class sort, who actually had to worry about putting food on the table.

    For what it’s worth, she dressed just as “hippie” as the two rich guys.

  2. Now that Monsanto is supposed to be tinkering with marijuana, will the pot smoking anti-GMO crowd suffer from truly blown minds?

  3. Questions for anti-GMO types: do you own a dog? Do you eat navel oranges, or seedless watermelon? Those are all GMO, achieved the old-fashioned way, by hybridization. What is it you’re afraid of, again?

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